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Simple replacement for MS Paint?

Is there a simple, lightweight replacement for MS Paint that someone non-tech-savvy (e.g. A grandma) could use on an old laptop with Windows XP on it for basic photo manipulation?

I'm looking for something with these characteristics:

  • Should be easy to crop while zoomed out or zoomed in

  • Should be able to save as JPEG, preferably keeping the original quality as much as possible

  • Bonus points if it can shrink images and save them so that they're easier to send by email

  • Bonus bonus points if it can shrink lots of pictures, instead of manually making the user do them one-by-one. :)


  • Should be lightweight and native, and specifically, should not depend on Python, Java or the .NET framework because they might not be solutions to my question (the laptop is old and slow; so, interpreted and byte code applications might not run well on it).

  • Should not be confusing for simple tasks, like Photoshop, GIMP, etc...

    (e.g. Yesterday I had to spend ~30 minutes figuring out why the Crop functionality in Photoshop was forcing the image's aspect ratio when I didn't want it to... it was quite painful. This kind of stuff shouldn't happen.)

MS Paint fits all of these pretty darn well, except that it can't zoom out or crop very easily.
Is there anything similar that can also do those?