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A family of Unix-like operating systems using the Linux kernel. If your question is about a certain distribution only, use a more specific tag.

0 votes

How does Red Hat Enterprise Linux distinguish between EST and EDT

All dates in RHEL, and most other Linux distributions are stored in UTC time by default. This includes the system clock. This is adjusted by the time zone in the routine to read the time. …
0 votes

When should I use /dev/shm/ and when should I use /tmp/?

/dev/shm is used for shared virtual memory system specific device drivers and programs. If you are creating a program that requires a virtual memory heap that should be mapped to virtual memory. Thi …
4 votes

What is indirect rendering?

Indirect rendering basically means that the entire rendering pipeline runs through GLX/X11. It is a trade-off that usually results in more resource consumption as well as greater latency and occasion …
2 votes

Machine check exception - how to read and understand it?

I've been looking into MCE errors because I'm currently working on tuning the overclocking on my machine. I haven't run into any, as I caught all the bad settings with MemTest86+ first, but I know I …
0 votes

I can not edit drive properies even when I use root

First, using NTFS for your steam directory on Linux is a VERY bad idea. … The permission system in windows is incompatible with that in Linux, and this leads to breaking games installed in Linux any time they are accessed in Windows and visa-versa. …