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When you create two or more logical volumes (drives) from one physical hard disk (or other storage device), you're working with partitions.

0 votes

LVM Physical Extents and Volume Group

In general, even with LVM there is overhead from the formatting, while smaller pe (Physical extents) can lead to less "waste" it is semi misleading. The smallest "waste" you can get on a tabled dis …
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0 votes

unknown fedora file system and partition settings

Meant as clarification comment ---lacks rep tho: lvm2 is a reference to version 2 or using metadata type 2 the default on MOST if not all linux distros these days the pv stands for Physical Vo …
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0 votes

Fedora 21 reports root file system as 100% full, cannot use yum

also if gparted is truly needed grab a usb and a recent copy of 21 livecd iso and use the gparted / or disk utility pre-loaded / easily installed on it. Then mount the current ailing install and …
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0 votes

How to extend a Mint Linux partition on a dual boot config with Windows 8.1?

To assume you have enough space of the win 8.1 install: 1) boot into (or use a install cd) for windows and shrink its partition to the desired extension size then boot into a mint install cd/usb ( …
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0 votes

How do I change my boot + system partitions?

As far the question on System Drive goes: boot drive or partition in your case (as is common) DOES NOT have to be on the "system (C:) Drive" so long as the BCD (Boot Code ?Directory?) has the syste …
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1 vote
0 answers

How best to iron out disk I/O lag cause?

Running luksCrypt (which I know causes some lag esp. with my -c serpent-xts-plain64 -s 512 -h whirlpool setup) but as of late lag has become very much more noticeable. I use xfs and lvm on this Fed …
  • 1,262
0 votes

Can't see Linux fdisk created GPT disk partitions in Windows 7 (64-bit)

It seems them BUT: 1) windows does NOT natively see linux filesystems 2) Being raid they are combined so they won't show up (assumes apparent raid 5 or 6)
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0 votes

Move /home to a new HDD encrypt it with luks

Easiest way is: encrypt sda1 as desired create lvm or standard partition on sda1 for /home sudo lvm lvmove /dev/mapper/fedora_klinkpad-home /dev/mapper/{blah|sda1} with newly freed space run :su …
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0 votes

Partition configuration for dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 in separate partition

@ n0noob, While GPT is highly recommended for ease and "future proofing" your install you can still use MBR. Windows 8/8.1 migration IS NOT Required in either of the following setups.. Gonna make …
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0 votes

Full Disk Encryption in existing Linux system without erasing any content from the drives

Two options come to quick mind: Install cryptsetup-reencrypt. Use the flags you need/desire to reencrypt it (this ONLY messes with the LUKS Device not the underlying Filesystem (fs) whatever it is …
  • 1,262
4 votes

Encrypted LVM in Debian Install - Is whole disk encrypted?

Assuming you used the 'Guided - Use entire disk and Setup LVM', then YES the entire drive (well the LVM itself if that is not the entire drive, minus the /boot and potentially /boot/efi partitions). A …
  • 1,262
0 votes

Tried installing Fedora alongside Windows 10 - No Operating System Found

contain ALL of the present Windows and Fedora data. 2) enough space (noticeably smaller restraint) for the non-os data on Windows and Fedora respectively At which point I'd recommend starting the partitioning … logic from scratch with the following minimal partitioning: (Windows ESP/MSR) /dev/sda1 450M BOOT/EFI (Enough for Windows kernel and the default 3 kernels held but grub) /dev/sda2 100M or better …
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