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How to encode FLAC and DTS audio formats to AAC most efficiently?

FFmpeg's AAC codec is nowhere near perfect – for better audio quality at the same bitrate, you should use libfdk-aac from Fraunhofer. Culprit: more likely than not, libfdk-aac support in FFmpeg is not ...
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my ffmpeg livestream keeps crashing: How do I troubleshoot?

Separate the audio/video, extracting the audio to .wav: ffmpeg -i input_file.mp4 -vn audio_file.wav && ffmpeg -i input_file.mp4 -an -c copy video_file.mp4 Reassemble them separately with this ...
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Can I use Git to track MP3 and AAC metadata without corrupting files?

Git does not alter files in any way, as long as you don't use commands that could alter them, such as git reset --hard or git rm file.mp3. It tracks files by just comparing their metadata and indexing ...
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Convert MKV with DTS sound to MP4 video with AAC or AC3 audio

It's an old question but I guess I found an easy answer. Its from everyone's favourite media player VLC. The best part is that you can change only what you want (audio or video separately) it doesn't ...
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