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How can i edit this registry key so the context menu opens the application as an administrator rather than as a normal user?

There is no need to edit the Registry to open any application as Administrator. Create a "desktop" shortcut to the application (e.g., in the User Start Menu). Right-click the link and ...
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Applications launched as administrator takes long to load/show

The standard fix for a broken Windows User Profile is to back up the documents, email, favorites and all else. Delete the broken profile, restart, re-create the profile and recover the documents. You ...
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Deleting all new files at the end of the day

So I found a solution. I just created a batch file that deletes and recreates the profile once a day and set it up to run within task scheduler. There is an Admin profile and a basic user profile ...
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Deleting all new files at the end of the day

It sounds like you want a tool like Deep Freeze from Faronics. Deep Freeze preserves your computer configuration. Any changes – either malicious or unintentional – are reversed on reboot. This is ...
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