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Is there a way to list available/configured AWS CLI profiles?

for AWS CLI 2 there is the command aws configure list-profiles for AWS CLI 1 there is not a command, but if you type aws configure list --profile and then press tab, it will give you the names of ...
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AWS Robomaker error: (AccessDeniedException) User: arn:aws:iam... is not authorized to perform: robomaker:CreateSimulationJob

Resolved myself. I think I forgot to run aws robomaker create-robot-application command in the tutorial (, as I didn't see robot app on my "Robomaker -> Development -> Robot ...
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AWS workspacesclient not getting installed properly in Ubuntu 22.04 and not getting connected to AWS Client Desktop

Download the amazon workspaces client ".deb" file wget Install the deb file sudo dpgk --install ...
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Unable to find or install amazon-linux-extras

So Nginx is preinstalled in Amazon Linux 2022, so really, you should upgrade the distribution you are using (Amazon Linux 2). Generally, if you need to install on Amazon Linux 2 you should build from ...
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Why am I getting a error creating my security group when it only has one rule?

I found the issue, I was using a prefix list with a maximum entries higher than our "Inbound or outbound rules per security group" quota. If you have one rule referencing a prefix list with ...
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