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What are the differences between Termux, PRoot, Userland, Linux Deploy, AnLinux and Alpine?

Termux is a terminal emulator that allows you more functionality than what Android typically allows, including installing packages from the Internet. However, their most recent versions have dropped ...
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notepad is displaying txt file contents as weird symbols

The file triggers a false positive in Notepad's "Is Unicode" detection. (The issue even has its own Wikipedia page.) If your 'intvar' is always zero, then the file consists entirely of ...
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How to enable access to a Windows 10 shared folder from android VLC?

In your Computer: Make sure your Computer (i.e. MYPC,, etc.) and your Folder (i.e. \MYPC\MyFolder, \\MyFolder, etc.) are indeed shared over your LAN, using your user and ...
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Android Studio not fetching documentation properly

Alternative solution to downloading SDK via manager Create any data structure that doesn't fetch documentation e.g. a HashMap Map<String, String> testMap = new HashMap<>(); add any ...
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