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Registry key for virus protection

It appears that meanwhile Microsoft has opened up parts of it. It's not via the registry, but it's a crude way of getting the state of the AV, provided it interfaces with the WSC. This means it ...
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How do I uninstall Avast Anti-Virus after accidentally deleting it from my CCleaner Uninstall Programs list?

If your Avast antivirus is removed from your device after deleting it from CCleaner, then try to install it first on your device. When you visit the official Avast website, you will see the option to ...
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How to be certain you don't have a virus when anti-virus scanners find nothing malicious? (Windows 7)

I personally dont use a live anti-virus. I keep a clean backup image and backup to a external regularly. Although if i were to experience a syatem that needed a deep clean, rootkits are the nemesis. ...
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