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Docker Nextcloud behind nginx with proxy_pass not working

Don't you have to expose port 443 in your docker-compose as well? app: image: nextcloud restart: always ports: - 8080:80 - 443:443 # or whichever external port you ...
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"This page isn't redirecting properly" on one particular site with one particular user

Try to have this user : Clear the Firefox browser cache Clear cookies for your specific domain. Or the opposite: The user might have refused cookies for your site. This might also be caused by some ...
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Unable to start cassandra server

You need to run as administrator. Open windows menu, search for command prompt, right click, select run as administrator.
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Can I safely shutdown WSL2 without stopping services like mysql and apache?

I've done some limited testing (see below) with wsl --terminate <distro> and wsl --shutdown, and it does not appear to send a SIGTERM (nor any other signal) to subprocesses to allow them to ...
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Changes made to the ini file are not reflected in phpinfo()

I just realized that it is necessary to restart php-fpm service as well. Now, the changes above are applied but the change to session.save_handler and session.save_path are still not applied, even ...
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Cannot connect using wldap32 and apacheds over TLS (LDAPS)

Well, I found the issue and the solution. In my dynamic language I was getting the "LDAP_SERVER_DOWN (81)". The next step I did is to run a C program that did pretty much the same I was ...
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Are these strings the correct output to verify keys for file checksum?

For those who want to verify it easier. You can try online checksum tools , support md5, sha256, sha1.

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