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How do I list files installed by a package from the AUR?

-F is just like -S and accesses pacman's database of available repository packages – which does not include AUR because that's not a pacman repository (unless you're using a third-party "prebuilt ...
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81 votes

dd function seems to freeze when done

The behavior you're seeing is only dd syncing the data on-disk after the operation. In order to optimize IO operations, Linux often reads data in larger chunks than requested (read-ahead) and delay ...
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69 votes

Install Appimage under Arch Linux

.appimage files are just complete app executables (similar to but not exactly equivalent of .app pseudo-files on macOS), so they do not require installation. If you really want to be able to call them ...
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ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified, arch linux

Once you have local gpg key pair, you can import the unknown key to your local users set of keys. In my case, the key 5CC908FDB71E12C2 needs to be imported as follows. $ gpg --recv-keys ...
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Mounting HFS+ partition on Arch Linux

It's likely that the HFS volume is not mounting because the HFS partition is wrapped in a CoreStorage volume (the default since OS X 10.10). You can verify if this is the case with the output of fdisk ...
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44 votes

Pasting 'required text' into terminal emulator results in '^[[200~required text~'

These characters are used for bracketed paste mode. Some terminal-based programs enable this mode so that they could distinguish pasted text from directly typed text. For example, text editors ...
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41 votes

How to resize the EFI System Partition?

This question is among the top results on Google for "How to resize the EFI System Partition" (unsurprising, given that's the question title), however the current answers here, though ...
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36 votes

How do I get systemctl to print in color when being interacted with from a non-tty?

watch -c SYSTEMD_COLORS=1 systemctl status icinga2 man systemd says $SYSTEMD_COLORS Controls whether colorized output should be generated. i.e., you can force color mode with that.
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ffmpeg: yuv420p pixel format missing?

Use yuv420p There is no such thing as yuv480p or yuv720p because it is not tied to the video height. yuv420p is a chroma subsampling scheme, and the p stands for planar, not progressive. In ffmpeg ...
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USB detected but not found in /dev

The most common cause: You have upgraded the kernel recently, but haven't yet rebooted into it. When you connect a new device, udev tries to load modules matching the running kernel – but you don't ...
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31 votes

Arch on WSL: not found, despite being installed

Found a fix: Or simply run: sudo strip --remove-section=.note.ABI-tag /usr/lib64/ The root cause does ...
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Sound stopped working after upgrading to Linux 5.4 (Intel HD Audio)

Here is how I was able to resolve this: sudo vim /etc/default/grub Find GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and add snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0 to the end of it. (ex: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="loglevel=3 ...
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How to invert FN keys on Xiaomi notebook

I came looking for an answer, because it has been driving me crazy, but just solved it myself (on the Mi 15" pro, assume the same one air): Fn + Esc inverts it, easy!
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23 votes

Combine MOV video files

I succeeded merging the files using FFmpeg's demuxing feature. For .mp4 conversion, I had to explicitly convert the audio stream to avoid this error: Could not find tag for codec pcm_s16le in stream #...
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21 votes

VMWare Workstation - not enough physical memory since last update

I see you're on kernel version 4.13.3-1. This kernel has some small changes that require some patching for the Vmware vmmon module. Apply this patch to the vmmon module code to fix this memory issue: ...
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Bluetooth adapter not detected on Linux

Same symptoms as in the question happend to me on a Dell XPS 13 after installing Wacom software for a Intuos BT S tablet. Solution for me was disabling Bluetooth in the BIOS, rebooting and enabling ...
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Download whole website wget

Try wget -mpEk "url" Using -m (mirror) instead of -r is preferred as it intuitively downloads assets and you don't have to specify recursion depth, using mirror generally determines the ...
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How to create md5 hash via Arch Linux commandline?

Simply echo it to md5sum. The first result will consider a newline character in the end of the string, prior to generating the hash. $ echo P@ssword1 | md5sum 0a43c426e3d6764fe1f3f7cbb3579eba - ...
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How to convert a .ovpn file to a .conf for OpenVPN?

It's the same thing, you can basically just rename the .ovpnfile into .confand move it into /etc/openvpn
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16 votes

Google Hangouts Screen Share Black Screen Error

I'm using gnome on Manjaro and I have the same issue. It seems to be a Wayland problem. I logout from wayland session and start a Xorg session and the hangout works.
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16 votes

Clock separator renders incorrectly under GNOME 3.38 on Arch Linux with Ubuntu font

Well, this question sounded interesting to me so I did some digging... Here is the gnome-clocks source code. From world-item.vala: public string time_label { owned get { return Utils....
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Arch Linux: 'whatprovides' equivalent option for pacman

pacman -F file_name for Pacman v5.2.1 - libalpm v12.0.1
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Get Ctrl+Arrow to work under tmux+urxvt

Add this to your .Xdefaults URxvt.keysym.Control-Up: \033[1;5A URxvt.keysym.Control-Down: \033[1;5B URxvt.keysym.Control-Left: \033[1;5D URxvt.keysym.Control-Right: \033[1;5C URxvt will now ...
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15 votes

Running jdk 8 in docker suddenly broken on arch linux with "unable to allocate file descriptor table - out of memory"

Running the tomcat works when changing the ulimit on the container with docker run -it --ulimit nofile=122880:122880 -m 3G --rm tomcat:8.0 I found out (because my /etc folder is managed with a git ...
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14 votes

Replace GTK+ file dialog with alternative

Since around 2016 the answer is yes! At least for using the KDE file chooser with GTK3 apps. Gtk+ developers call this “native file choosers” for “sandboxed applications”, while the primary target for ...
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How to fix MariaDB when it gets stuck during shutdown (Waiting for page_cleaner)?

After a multiple hour long struggle, I could finally resolve the issue. The culprit was a time setting (timedatectl set-local-rtc 1) for dual booting with Win10. Due to a recent time change the ...
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What is the right ffmpeg output format for a v4l2-loopback device?

v4l2loopback v0.11.0 has a bug which is now fixed, so there is no need to manually change the source code as shown in the bug report. As of now there is no newer release version with the fix, so ...
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Unable to connect to internet in Windows 10 VM using KVM/QEMU

Same problem here, appears to be a driver problem. This fixed it for me: If you haven't done yet, download Windows VirtIO Driver ISO ('Stable virtio-win ISO' worked for me) and attach to guest CD ...
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How to map the Caps Lock key to Escape key in Arch Linux

Xorg.conf You can achieve this by editing the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf. Example file: Section "InputClass" Identifier "system-keyboard" ...
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How to create md5 hash via Arch Linux commandline?

None of the answers mention that with echo -n 'password' | …, you will write your password to persistent storage, namely your history. You can avoid this, depending on the shell, by prefixing the ...
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