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Sound stopped working after upgrading to Linux 5.4 (Intel HD Audio)

After running these 3 commands in a terminal I got sound working on HP Pavilion gaming laptop echo "options snd_hda_intel dmic_detect=0" > audiofix.conf sudo mv audiofix.conf /etc/...
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Vim on Arch: /etc/vimrc can remap keys but not turn off syntax highlighting

TL;DR In etc/vimrc uncomment: let skip_defaults vim=1 Story: I tried adding syntax off to ~/.vimrc, and that seemed to work. But then I was playing around and uncommented that line, and syntax was ...
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How do I stop rfkill module from hardblocking my wifi, without rfkill command?

There is a way. You can reach rfkill by using sysfs file system. I have tested this only on Debian though. if you run systemctl without any parameters it lists everything it controls. In the devices ...
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Where is the windows store located in Windows 10?

Presenting Ramhound's comment as an answer, since it is the answer: Windows Store app is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. Some report some success running certain UWP applications in ...
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Dumping current .zshrc from terminal

history | grep ".zshrc" Look for the commands or output related to your .zshrc file. The contents of the file might have been displayed in your terminal at some point.
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GRUB fails with 'symbol `grub_real_boot_time` not found'

It happens because the loader part (which de facto is a compiled program written into first sectors of the bootable disk) of the grub gets out of sync with it's loadable modules (located usually in ...
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