You can use the '-d' flag with list and status for all VMs az vm list -d -o table For single VM, you can use: az vm list -d -o table --query "[?name=='vm-name']" If you need more specific results then you can also try: az vm list -d --query "[?powerState=='VM running']" -o table


You can get the vm status with this command: az vm get-instance-view --name vmName --resource-group resourceGroupName --query instanceView.statuses[1] --output table The output will like this:


Your az storage blob list --container-name my_container cmdlet is incomplete, when you run the command in the Azure shell, it throws the error message below. I understand missing credentials message might cause confusion though, because this is not necessarily required, but if you look at the number 3 in the list, you can see that you need to supply a ...


You can also run query in Azure Resource Graph Explorer Resources | project name, location, PowerState=tostring(properties.extended.instanceView.powerState.code), type | where type =~ 'Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines' | order by name desc


You might use Azure Graph in order to do it. az graph query -q "Resources | where type =~'Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines' | limit 1" You can see some example here. Resources | where type =~ 'microsoft.compute/virtualmachines' and name matches regex @'^Contoso(.*)[0-9]+$' | order by name asc


I can see two ways to do this You can type exit to get out of bash and into PS. PS /home/roshan> bash roshan@Azure:~$ exit exit PS /home/roshan> Type pwsh to open a new PS PS /home/roshan> bash roshan@Azure:~$ pwsh PowerShell 7.0.0 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. https://aka.ms/powershell Type 'help' to get help. ...


I could see what was missing. Seems that there is a missing step on the lab. It should say that before you deploy the app you have to create an App Services Tier on Azure with the domain as it appears on the lab: githubci-web-... Best regards. Code Safe.


It’s a known issue with msbot. There's currently a Pull Request to fix it, so keep an eye out for a new msbot version. For now, you have to downgrade to any AZ CLI v2.0.53 through v2.0.57.


For anyone else needing the answer, the AZ module the other modules are not working correctly together, as my context was set differently in AzureRM than in Az. When i attempted to do the deployments through for an example az group create instead of new-azresourcegroup it deployed correctly

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