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Why am I unable to sudo past permissions on the “~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync” directory in macOS?

Open System Settings... (from Apple menu; top-left of screen). Click on Privacy & Security from the left pane. Click Full Disk Access under Privacy. Toggle the switch for Terminal.
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Are my passkeys on my system disk or in the TPM?

As I recently learned, it could be either. Run certutil -csp NGC -key -v and look for the value of the NgcKeyImplType flag on each key. See also:
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Manage Windows System Image Backups on a disk

You can delete older complete images; they're just files, like any other; but use the tools management dialog to delete them, to keep the catalog correct. Unlike Restore Points, which are a delta (...
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How to back up Documents with OneDrive, while also using another cloud service?

I recommend relocating your iCloud files and folders to a location outside the area you intend to back up with OneDrive. Given that you already have iCloud automatically backed up on its platform, ...
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