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What's the difference between git-bash.exe and bash.exe and how they interact with Windows Terminal?

Of course they are different. git-bash.exe git-bash.exe is a terminal executable based on mintty. I won't explain what terminal (and shell) is as the internet is full of materials about it (e.g. see ...
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"ls: cannot open directory '.': No such file or directory" in Git Bash (in VS Code terminal)

This can happen when the current working directory is deleted or moved away from underneath you. Example using two terminals/sessions (I'll put a no-op : 1; and : 2; in front of each command to ...
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How to force declare -f to respect semicolons

The lack of double-quotes around the variable in bash -c $cmd caused the command to be equivalent to: bash -c hello '()' … where hello is a command string, () is the name you inadvertently gave to ...
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