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Is there a shortcut to open the Bluetooth quick menu in Windows 11?

This is not exactly what you want but it has the Bluetooth quick menu. Using this you can connect to your device in just one click. On Windows 11, press Win + [i] and it should open a settings home ...
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Can Bluetooth headphones be powered solely by 3.5mm audio jack?

Answers and comments in this section are involuntarily misleading due to the unfortunate phrasing of the question and the fact that 2 independent aspects are relevant to the question. All in all, this ...
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Can't select paired bluetooth speaker as sound output (Windows 10)

I will share my experience and it may help. So basically this is the architecture: [Your BT device (headphones - sink)] <-----> [BT Stack hardware] <----> [Audio Driver] <----> [OS ...
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How to properly use bluetooth dongle in Fedora 39

If anyone lands here. Check out this link to work with several dongles. FYI: the mouse problems I mention in my question are resovled by the lates sudo dnf update command. Actually, the bluez package ...
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