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Chrome bookmark to execute a Windows program?

Nice article, thanks I am using it to run a pdf editor and I need to add another argument. I am some trouble but not clear if trouble is on ahk only and / or also in the url I compiled using version 1 ...
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Can Google Chrome use bookmark tags?

While Google Chrome doesn't natively support bookmark tags, you can use a workaround like adding bookmarks to a single folder with tags in the name. However, consider using browser extensions like ...
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Can Google Chrome use bookmark tags?

It seems this is supposed to be provided by extensions. Because the development of Chrome is rather rapid and some may appear or go away, or become better or worse than others, listing them here makes ...
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How to revert Chrome to the old add to bookmark UI

To modify Chrome's bookmarks interface requires an extension. Below are some extensions and their interfaces: Bookmark Sidebar Bookmarks Extension for Google Save to Pocket ...
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How do I increase the available bookmark folder limits in chrome

This chrome extension can implement the requested functionality.
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How to search only within bookmarks from the Microsoft Edge URL bar?

A bit outdated but currently (121.0.2277.128 (Official build) (64-bit)), by default, edge support same shortcuts as firefox * OR @favorites search in bookmarks % OR @tabs search in tabs ^ OR @history ...
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Is there a way to save all opened tabs to clipboard for pasting?

You can use the Collections tools but it doesn't handle the titles : right-click on a tab > add all tabs to collection > start a new collection then click on the newly created collection or ...
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Stop Chrome from fetching favicon for a specific bookmark

JavaScript does not work directly on chrome:// protocol sites such as chrome://newtab, whether in bookmarklets or in extensions without proper permissions, due to security reasons. There's an HTML ...
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Stop Chrome from fetching favicon for a specific bookmark

Bookmark javascript:void(location="") instead.
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How do I keep Chrome bookmarks in sync across accounts?

floccus bookmarks sync works well for bidirectional synchronization, and is available for multiple browsers. Currently it allows you to sync via Google Drive, WebDAV, or NextCloud.
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How can I manually create a bookmark in Forefox

Now it is CTRL+SHIFT+O that opens the bookmark library Go to the folder you want to add your bookmark then right click and choose add bookmark
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