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Gigabyte Motherboard : black screen, inspite of single beep and responding keyboard

I looked into the manual on page 25 and there is an "Initial Display Output" setting in the BIOS. The default is "PCIe 1 Slot". So you might think if a graphics card is not found ...
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Startup script for Rock 4 SE running Debian

Have a look at A short and simple solution is to add a User=%I After the [Service] Also a script should work without the sh prefix,...
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Confirmed working Windows 10 USB, BIOS settings, and repaired boot. Why won't Windows 10 USB boot?

The USB stick was the problem. While creating the USB, I started off with FAT32 and kept getting an error when copying over the 5GB+ install.wim file. Therefore, I formatted it as NTFS, copied the ...
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Windows 10 not booting: AswVmm.sys digital signature check failed

Following @Kristof answer, that helped a lot. I used Paragon recovery drive (PHDM14_ERDC7.iso) as only in Paragon the command line was working. ERD Commander was stuck on trying to recover Windows ...

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