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Windows 10 - disable reopening programs after restart/startup

Good news! It has been somewhat "fixed." I was interested in clickbangdead's solution, but unfortunately I could not make it work no matter what I tried. Then I went back to the Microsoft ...
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Windows Disk I/O 100% at boot for 20 Minutes

You can disable the scheduled tasks that starts CompatTelTunner.exe by looking in the Task Scheduler. Computer Management – System Tools – Task Schedule Library – Microsoft – Windows – Application ...
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How do anti-virus programs start at Windows boot?

Where do the majority of anti-virus programs start from at OS boot time? after installing Avast and checking in both my "Run" registry key and my "Startup" folder that a startup entry wasn't ...
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How to fix the Windows 10 boot loader from Windows

The command in Windows 8/8.1/10 for fixing MBR is "bootsect.exe". bootsect /nt60 drive_letter: /mbr this fixes boot record of partition mapped to "drive_letter:" and the MBR of the disk where the ...
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Mac OS X - disable program on startup that is not listed in Accounts' "Login items"

If it is not in the regular user Login list, then it is most likely in LaunchDaemons. There are several locations for these, one is for Apple daemons only: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons The others are ...
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How to run a program as an administrator at startup on Windows 10?

Create a Scheduled Task to trigger at log on. In the Create Task dialog, select the following: General (tab), Run with highest privileges Triggers (tab), New (button), Begin the task, At log on
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Can't install Kali Linux from USB, fails to find CD-ROM drive

You could resolve the error by repeating the steps : Run the installer. Open a shell (ALT + F2). Create the directory cdrom directly on the root of the file system: mkdir /cdrom Note : If you ...
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I accidentally inserted RAM while PC was booting up! Worst case scenario?

I'd have just taken a deep breath… and booted it again to see if it worked. You kind of skipped the simplest test & ran for the full paranoia. If something's fried you find out right away. If it's ...
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Why is the first BIOS instruction located at 0xFFFFFFF0 ("top" of RAM)?

0xFFFFFFF0 is where an x86-compatible CPU starts executing instructions when it's powered on. That's a hardwired, unchangeable (without extra hardware) aspect of the CPU and different types of CPUs ...
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VirtualBox - Android x86 - Don't boot in GUI but just in command line

Settings -> Display -> graphic controller set to -> VBoxVGA. Turn off Enable 3D Acceleration. This worked for me in my VM.
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If I copy a bootable USB drive to another USB, will it create a duplicate bootable drive?

Simply copying the files will not make a bootable drive. It's not only the files on a USB flash drive which make it bootable, but the partition table configuration, the metadata about the organization ...
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When I hit DEL during start up, am I entering CMOS or BIOS?

Both. CMOS stores BIOS configuration information. When you "enter setup", you are running the BIOS's configuration program, which loads the settings defined in CMOS. You are "setting up" the CMOS, by ...
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Stuck on UEFI interactive shell with Mac OS X High Sierra VM

UEFI requires intervention because EFI firmware on the Mac's motherboard cant find valid OS-specific EFI boot firmware in the standard location on disk. However, assuming you have a macOS recovery ...
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Where is the Windows license key on Windows 10?

If Windows 10 was ever activated on this computer, then it is now remembered by the Microsoft activation servers using its hardware fingerprint. There will be no problem installing Windows 10 again ...
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Why does Windows 10 use a separate 100MB partition for UEFI since with UEFI it can read in the filesystem in C:\Windows\System32\winload.efi?

UEFI doesn't support NTFS. The spec calls for FAT family support. Vendors could add NTFS support, but: It's not really necessary, because FAT32 is completely sufficient and much less complex Unless ...
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What is CSM option

CSM or Compatibility Support Module is something that allows booting in legacy BIOS mode on UEFI systems. From Wikipedia: The Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is a component of the UEFI ...
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How to find *all* startup programs on Windows 10?

Use Autoruns for Windows from Sysinternals
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Is there a list of available boot-args for darwin / OS X

There is no official list, the common one are compiled into kernel it-self, other can be parsed by kernel extensions. Here is the list which I've found so far. General boot options: -v: Always boot ...
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Can't install Kali Linux from USB, fails to find CD-ROM drive

If you use Rufus (v 2.x) to burn the ISO to USB drive, make sure the option is "DD Image" in "Create a bootable disk using". Not sure if Unetbootin offers the same option. If image is copied using ...
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Run command on startup / login (Mac OS X)

To launch commands when logging in, you can do this: Create a text file containing your commands (bash script): #!/bin/bash # Start the MongoDB server /Applications/MongoDB/bin/mongod --dbpath /usr/...
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How to delete OS from boot menu

The menu to which you refer is the firmware's built-in boot manager. Its entries are stored in NVRAM, and can be edited by any number of tools in various environments: Some EFIs provide a means to do ...
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Why are there different options for creating bootable usb compared to a cd?

Rufus developer here. First of all, a lot of the options you list are only be listed when running Rufus in advanced mode (i.e. when the Advanced Options section is displayed), because they are ...
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grub-probe: warning: disk does not exist, so falling back to partition device /dev/sda1

The error messages are misleading. The disk exists, you just don't have access to them. Try running that command with sudo.
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How do you configure Virtualbox VM to autostart after Windows-10 reboot?

The start up directory does still exist, albeit in a well hidden place... Access it via opening the "Run" box (Win+R) and entering shell:startup Minimise this for now. Open VirtualBox and right ...
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How do I prevent Linux services from auto-starting?

For Ubuntu versions that use systemd (15.04 and later) use: systemctl disable service This will do the job. It will disable the service and won't restart after a reboot. To temporarily enable simply ...
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Cannot boot windows 10, “bootrec /fixboot” gives “access denied”

I ran into the same issue, the suggestion from Darko_65 in Microsoft Answers forum is what worked for me: "bootrec" command sometimes has problems finding proper boot device and windows installation ...
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How to know if I am using systemd on Linux?

I know this is an old question, but since I was just asking myself the same question - here are my 2ct. Best solution I came up with ps --no-headers -o comm 1 This returns either systemd or init ...
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Should I install an OS using UEFI or BIOS (legacy/CSM) boot mode?

I've seen this question asked in various places, with only partial answers, so I'm aiming to provide something like a complete guide to boot schemes ;) First of all, some background information you'...
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grub2-install: "this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition"

You should first determine whether you want to use a BIOS/CSM/legacy-mode boot or an EFI/UEFI-mode boot. The former is the way that PCs have been booting since the 1980s, but it's an ugly and hackish ...
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Boot from USB not working - Acer Aspire E1-522

I do not know if you have finally installed Windows 7, but I had the same issue and I resolved it this way: Open the notebook and press quickly F2 to enter the BIOS. Under the MAIN menu, enable the ...
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