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How to disable Google One Tap sign-up prompts?

I started seeing pop-ups consistent with the appearance of the Google One-tap sign-in, but they extend beyond the browser window. Attempts to follow the myriad suggestions online to disable this in ...
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What will nginx reverse-proxy do with 'proxy_redirect' to https when a backend has invalid https certificate?

So I checked the nginx documentation: The statement of the "proxy_redirect" directive is clear: Sets the text that ...
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Black rectangle when changing volume, when Opera browser is running

This can be disabled in Opera: In the address bar, go to chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling Set Hardware Media Key Handling to disabled Restart Opera
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Is there a way to have windows ask me which browser I want to use everytime I click a link?

I'm using BrowserPicker, efficient and polished: With built-in editor (and custom args)
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How to get rid of the WEBP format entirely in all browsers?

A specific solution is required per browser. An extension for Chrome : Save image as Type.
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How to disable browser's "sign in as" popup

On Vivaldi, go to Preferences... / Privacy and Security / Website Permissions / Global Permissions / Third-Party Sign-in and choose "Block"
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