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These instructions may work for other releases of CamStudio and Windows. CamStudio 2.7.2 and Windows 7: Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Sound-->Recording Right-click on list of sound sources and select "Show Disabled Devices" Right-click on "Stereo Mix" and select "Set as Default Device" On CamStudio, Options: if unchecked, check "Record Audio from ...


I can reproduce the same issue with the same (portable) software so it's not related to your current hardware. But simultaneous capturing, encoding and writing is probably too much even for new systems. However, you can try two things: Use another codec like ffdshow tryouts and look if your PC runs smoother while capturing Use oCam which can be used ...


Open the start menu an search for "MSINFO32," click the icon in the search results to open the System Information window. In the navigation pane on the left, go to Components -> Multimedia -> Audio/Video Codecs. The pane on the right will show you which codecs are installed on your computer along with their size, location, manufacturer, creation date, and ...


From your description it sounds as if you have the initial recording volume set too low. Check your audio chain and record at as high a level as you can without distortion.


Try PhotoRec by TestDisk. It can recover many different types of media files. Note that it normally recovers a very large number of files and they all appear without names which can make the results challenging to go through. Whenever you are trying to recover data there are a few golden rules: Once you become aware of a potential data loss situation, no ...

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