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First, the package is called fuse-sshfs, not sshfs. Second, you need to first enable the PowerTools repo if you haven't already. yum-config-manager --enable PowerTools Last, install fuse-sshfs yum install fuse-sshfs


I think you want two opposite things here. Seems to me that what I want is for SMB1 to be disabled. That's the big improvement in samba 4.0 but why is no workgroup available? As your Samba configuration has client min protocol = SMB2, it also prevents smbclient from using SMBv1 to query the server's workgroup name – an operation which has no SMBv2/3 ...


Here's a thread where the issue is discussed and resolved: Centos Installation Fails with CD Check Failed on all ISOs TLDR: CentOS installation fails when used under VirtualBox on a host where Hyper-V is enabled. You'll have to either disable Hyper-V or install it differently.


The 'xtitle' program only outputs these "escape sequences", so it can be replaced with 'echo -e' or 'printf' or similar functions in any programming language: printf '\e]0;%s\e\\' "My title here" (The closing sequence can be either \e\\ (ESC \) or \a (BEL); the former is more correct but the latter is more widespread, although most ...

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