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bash column command confused by ANSI color escapes

Starting with the next version v2.40 of util-linux / column will handle text containing Fe Escape sequences from ANSI escape code properly. With this change, programs that output text with ANSI ...
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How to enable printer discovery using DNS-SD?

It sounds like you didn't configure local hostname resolution for avahi. That is necessary for cups to use printers via dnssd. To be honest, it should not be necessary for discovering those printers, ...
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Centos - PhpMyAdmin showing blank screen

Try to install extensions like this: dnf install php-mysqli php-pdo php-json php-gettext or yum install php-mysqli php-pdo php-json php-gettext Perhaps you should install another extension. After it ...
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m4:/etc/mail/ cannot open '/usr/share/sendmail-cf/feature/'relay_hosts_only'.m4': No such file or directory

To resolve the above error, you must install the package sendmail-cf yum install sendmail-cf
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Centos8 dnf update transaction check error

Today upgraded Centos 7 to 8 sucesfully, and then from 8 to Rocky Linux 8, thanks for some advices. Used this guide - On this ...'s user avatar

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