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Invalid SSL certificate for Wikimedia, only on my PC and only on LAN; resolves correctly on Wi-Fi

Duskrise is a security software company. You are getting redirected to because the site is blocked for you: This is probably your local IT security, but Wikimedia may ...
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Running GitHub Actions unders specific, existing Windows user

under a specific, already existing Windows user It is not an "already existing user", because the VM is not part of the Active Directory domain in which the user exists. There is no ...
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How to create CA + 2 Certificates *with XCA* - For Host-to-Host IPSec authentication (No AD)

I found the way: Install XCA from Windows Store: (as of 24/11/2023, v2.5.0 uses OpenSSL v3.1.2.1 from August 2023) Prepare a clean USB Stick for XCA database → Run XCA Create a new database on ...
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Create certificates for self-hosted apps, for access within the LAN

Use the DNS challenge. Then there's no need to change anything.
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Subversion Edge installing certificate on Windows deployment

How to Update an Expired Subversion Edge Server Security Certificate Stop both CollaNet SVN Edge and CollabNet SVN Server services The default self-signed svnedge.jks (JKS File type) and svnedge-ssl ...
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