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How to Print to Save as PDF from a command line with Chrome or Chromium

Chrome has started headless program. With that, we can create a pdf. e.g. for windows navigate your commandline to C:\Users\{{your_username}}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application> Then ...
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NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED in Chrome/Chromium, introduced with MacOS Catalina

A quick workaround (ensure you trust the site) In the chrome browser whilst on the page, type: thisisunsafe source https://podtech.com/os/mac-osx/chrome-catalina-certificate-issue/
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Chrome UI size & zoom levels in Ubuntu 16.04

I figured this out, thanks in part to the Angel who wrote this. tl;dr: do this: Go to your Settings -> Displays Note what the value of the slider is at "Scale for menu and title bars" (...
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How to make a blank page in Google Chrome at start-up?

Summarizing all I've found for the subject, including this thread, the simple, safe and resource-effective way is to create minimal extension (as recommended by author of "New Tab Redirect" here: ...
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NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED in Chrome/Chromium, introduced with MacOS Catalina

Apple has introduced a series of new requirements for SSL certificates to be accepted by Catalina, documented at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210176. To summarize here: Key size must be at least ...
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Where can I download old stable builds of Chromium from?

Another way, as described here: Look up the version number (for example "44.0.2403.157") in the Position Lookup In this case it returns a base position of "330231". This is the commit of where the 44 ...
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I can't log in Chromium (I was a Chrome user before this, so should make another account or something)?

As of 15th of March 2021, Google removed several features from all third-party Chromium-based browsers (also Chromium itself) including synchronization. Users need to either install and use Google ...
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How can I find a list of Chrome's hidden URLs with chrome://?

Complete List Many of them seem to be undocumented and not listed in chrome://chrome-urls such as chrome://interstitials/ssl. You can find the complete list in the source code, under chrome/browser/ui/...
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How to Print to Save as PDF from a command line with Chrome or Chromium

You must be using Google Chrome / Chromium 59 or later version & it’s only available for MAC OS and Linux users. * Windows users still have to wait for some time till Version 60 * Command : $...
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How can I find a list of Chrome's hidden URLs with chrome://?

You can also find clickable ones here: chrome://chrome-urls, whichever are available in your build. Not all seem to be there though. There's also a separate For Debug category at the bottom which ...
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How can I disable the "Chromium didn’t shut down correctly" message when my browser opens?

Much easier solution, start Chromium with the --disable-infobars flag. I tried all of the above before finding it, and it does exactly what I wanted. You can leave all of the other stuff alone. My ...
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How can I disable the "Chromium didn’t shut down correctly" message when my browser opens?

Also, apparently running in incognito mode by default will also prevent the error because nothing is saved from the session against which to check for a crash. example: chromium-browser --kiosk --...
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How can I print a webpage in landscape mode using Headless-Chromium on the command line in Linux?

Well, Certainly the Question needs more Research and I am writing down what I've found regarding it. So, It may not be an exact answer and somehow more can be added to it. How it Started In the ...
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How do I recover tab / session information from Chrome / Chromium?

Attention to passerbys! The two answers here are both outdated as of July 2021. The Current Session|Tabs files are no longer used. But you will find in the Default/Sessions/ folder lies the last two ...
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What embedded database format is used by this Chrome extension?

It’s LevelDB, a key-value store. You can use NodeJS and levelup to access the data: var levelup = require("levelup"); var db = levelup("path/to/directory"); db.createReadStream().on("data", data =&...
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Is there a way to hide the What's New tab on Chromium-based browsers in the Developer Tools pane?

Go to Settings under Dev Tools: Settings >> Preference >> Appearance Uncheck "Show What's New after each update"
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Disable WebP format in Chrome

Try putting a ? after the image location, then save. Make http://example.com/image.png like this http://example.com/image.png? and CMD+S save (Mac) will save as the expected format.
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How to make google-chrome or chromium use less memory

I am using cgroup this way: sudo cgcreate -a $USER:$USER -t $USER:$USER -g memory:groupChromiumMemLimit sudo cgset -r memory.limit_in_bytes=$((1024*1024*1024)) groupChromiumMemLimit cgexec -g memory:...
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Where to download the last Chrome version with Java (NPAPI) support?

The last stable release of Chrome 44 would be 44.0.2403.157 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as stated in this blog post: googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/2015/08/stable-channel-update_20.html. As Chrome ...
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NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED in Chrome/Chromium, introduced with MacOS Catalina

If you need a workaround to get the site working without replacing the certificate you can do the following. Download the certificate from the server (using another browser or with openssl) Install ...
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Cannot find the Chromium Sync feature anymore

Fedora no longer supports use of Googles private APIs in Chromium (only officially branded Chrome). The change occurred this weekend. See more info here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/fedora-...
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It's an Ubuntu bug with Chrome 53, so simply upgrade to a newer version.
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How to install the flash plugin for Chromium on Debian Stretch?

Debian multimedia archive has the flashplayer-chromium package, which contains the necessary files (notably libpepflashplayer.so). Just add deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free ...
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"No cast destinations found" in Chromium on Arch Linux

Go to chrome://flags/#load-media-router-component-extension and change Load Media Router Component Extension from Default to Enabled. This enables the closed-source code neccesary to use Chromecast. ...
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How to set a default search engine in Chromium?

I think you're confusing "Default search engine" with "Default search engines", which in all fairness is an easy mistake. The default search engines are those that come preinstalled on Chromium. From ...
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H.264 video support in Chromium, missing codec?

By default, Chromium does not support proprietary codecs (like h.264, aac). Official info: https://www.chromium.org/audio-video So, on macOS, you need to compile Chromium with the proprietary codecs ...
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Set custom URL for Chrome / Chromium Desktop App

The best way I've found to do this is to change the URL before even making the shortcut. You can do this using Chrome Devtools and the history object in the console. For instance, say I wanted a ...
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How can I disable the "Chromium didn’t shut down correctly" message when my browser opens?

This finally worked for me, and it's pretty simple: Shut down Chromium gracefully Change the "Change content" permissions of ~/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences to "Nobody" That will lock the ...
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In KDE plasma 5, how to I create standalone launchers/desktop shortcuts to web apps like gmail?

The Problem The problem causing this issue is that KDE identifies applications for the show a launcher when not running feature by their X11 window class, and chrome does not change the X11 window ...
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Chrome UI size & zoom levels in Ubuntu 16.04

I managed to get Chrome to auto-scale to the same scale I'm using in gnome desktop by doing the following: I created a bash script at /usr/bin/chrome-scaled: #!/bin/bash text_scale=$(gsettings get ...
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