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How to make Windows Snipping Tool always save image instead of putting it in clipboard

As a function: function Snip-Copy { cp ( Get-ChildItem $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Packages\MicrosoftWindows.Client.CBS_cw5n1h2txyewy\TempState\ScreenClip\ | Sort-Object LastAccessTime -Descending | Select-...
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Autohotkey: Can't get the name and path of a pdf file

If the program creates shortcuts of the opened files in the Recent Items folder you can try this: #NoEnv #SingleInstance force SetTitleMatchMode, 2 ; Get the path of the recent items folder RegRead, ...
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Onboard clipboard manager in Windows doesn't show preview (even for text entries)

For me, it didn't preview when I copied out of a specific program (Inkscape), so I just pasted my text into Windows Editor and recopied, then it previewed properly.Seems to be the programs fault/issue....
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Copy (command-c) adds to clipboard. How to disable?

In my case, it was Alfred's clipboard merging feature: It states that it should only be triggered when C is pressed twice, so I will have to check my keyboard whether the C-Key triggers twice. Since ...
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How to make excel clipboard copy formatting for more than 250 cells

Seems like it's an old bug that was reported in 2016, a fix was promised, but we're still waiting (forever probably). Bug report Excel: Office Clipboard loses formatting when pasting more than 249 ...
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How to increase Windows 10 clipboard history?

Size of clipboard is specified within ClipboardServer variable (maybe), being 256000 by default (probably 256 kB) in: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ClipboardServer.MaxSizeAllowedInKBytes
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