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OS X Terminal command to change color themes

This AppleScript works for me on OS X 14.3 (and the other answers do not). tell application "Terminal" repeat with i in windows try set current settings of tabs in i ...
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What do black (dark grey) files in Debian represent?

After going through the description of my debian 12 dircolors' help and manpage, it might be the following file access modes for the text color: $ dircolors -p | grep 30 # 30=black 31=red 32=green 33=...
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How to copy color of the conditional formatting cell to another excel file

My method: Copy to Google Spreadsheet, copy the cells, and paste them back into Excel - this copy colors.
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User-Defined languages in Notepad++ (NLog)

If you want to work without a plug-in, i.e. only with user defined language (UDL) in Notepad++ to highlight logs, I have so far only found a partial solution using delimiters with ((EOL)) for my ...'s user avatar
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Why tmux does not respect terminal color settings?

You can just use: set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"
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How to transfer/apply GNOME Terminal colors to KDE Konsole?

Instead of studying GNOME Terminal's source, I'd rather recommend to simply open its Preferences dialog, switch to its Colors tab and click on the colors to get their hex values (such as e.g. #ff0000)....
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