An interface for interacting with a computer using typed commands in a text-oriented environment, as opposed to a graphical user interface (GUI).

Questions that should have this tag

  • Scripting questions
  • BASH or Windows command line commands
  • PowerShell items

Basic Syntax

  • { option1 | option2 } - Choose one or the other
  • [ option ] - Optional
  • COMMAND -The command itself
  • parameter - Parameters that are required to complete the command

Extra Information

  • Commands for questions should have a backtick (`, to the left of the 1 on most keyboards) before and after any commands to help with realizing where the commands are
    • Example: How do I use the DIR command?
  • Whenever possible, because of how extensive and powerful the CLI can be, if there are long commands or scripts, either use the <pre></pre> tag before and after the script, or indent each line with 4 spaces. Example below:
@echo off
echo Hello World!
  • When answering questions, if at all possible, show where other users can replace different variables for their own use
    • Example: Replace the name with the username you are trying to use:
      NET USER JohnSmith