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Compare compression: gzipping individual files vs. gzipping tar of same files

A much more important reason to do what you suggest--despite the loss in compression--is recovery of a corrupt archive. If you compress the entire archive together (ie., tar cf - * | gzip > foo.tar....
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Is image file of bit depth 24 stored as 32 or 64 bit for Windows 10 64-bit (operating system)?

The fact that an image is sometimes "32-bit" has nothing to do with the CPU or OS architecture (or whatever right term should be conned the "32-bit or 64-bit" refers to). The most ...
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is JPEG artifact in any case unavoidable when increasing image size?

JPEG-artifacts are the byproduct of the JPEG compression process which is triggered when saving into JPEG-type file. You can avoid JPEG-artifacts by using "JPEG lossless" as setting for that ...
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Zip file compression failed “output file write failure, your disk could be full” even though I have enough space

Zip is limited to 4 GiB of data. It was designed this way (32 bits). Over 4 GiB of archive data unknown problems may appear. It was changed later in other types of zip programs, but you may be using ...
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Is there a way to compress exe files?

If you are unable to compress the .exe with 7Zip, it is likely already compressed with an executable compressor like UPX. You can detect if this is the case with the PEiD tool.
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Multithreaded support in 7za

For me the answer using LZMA2 in 7z would be : 7za a -m0=LZMA2:d1024m -mx=9 -mmt8 -mfb=64 -md=32m -ms=on myarchive.7z bigfile.txt I'm just building an archive of an OVF folder containing 7 files (3* ...
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