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How to force a connection to a site through Chrome (or any other browser's) "Your connection is not private" screen

There is a way to bypass this error, it's a pretty annoying way but it should work. Click anywhere in Chrome window where you see the error, and type thisisunsafe (type it out, not Copy/Paste, despite ...
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What prevents unsolicited internet packets from using up my monthly data limit?

My home router can use port-forwarding to act as a server, so I assume all internet packets sent with my public IP address as a destination are hitting it (and just not getting any response from my ...
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How to stop Logitech MX Master 3 mouse from disconnecting from Bluetooth?

Had same frustrating problem myself, Solved it by entering into device manager,Bluetooth, and looking for bluetooth radio driver (mine is called Intel Wireless Bluetooth), Right click, then click on ...
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Internet speed test and actual speed don’t seem to match up?

Quite often, no matter how fast your connection is - the other side is the bottleneck. While my network is fully gigabit to the wall or better, the site you're downloading from may not be able to do ...
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Where can I put a hard drive on my computer?

Your case would appear to be a Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB Tempered Glass case, judging by your image. In most of the cases where there is a large bar along the bottom it is because that is ...
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Loading LTKs timed out for hci0

Had the same issue, solved this way: rmmod btusb modprobe btusb Reference
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No Internet access due to DNS communication

Practically yes - DNS is used to convert a domain name into an IP address of which server to go to - so if DNS does not resolve then the computer can't reach out to the server to get the information ...
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Smart tv wifi connection

In this specific case - I'd wonder if you have line of sight between the camper and the house. I check my network the TV it says my connection is poor but my download speed is 20mbps or better. How ...
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Internet slows down to unusable speed after opening any game

This behavior is indicative of "Buffer Bloat" -- where your router queues packets for transmission, creating a long queue, which is why packets have such high latency to get through the ...
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Which failed, the wifi card or the wireless antenna?

The card is a device whereas the antenna is a wire attached to the device. Look in Device Manager at the wireless card. (1) If the entry is normal and the tab says the device is working properly, ...
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USB devices disconnect when in use

It sounds like there is some kind of electrical short, probably from the motherboard that is touching the case somewhere, or a lack of ground wiring in the socket it is plugged into. Despite that the ...
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lftp unable to connect to ftp site, but using filezilla can connect successfully

A few minutes after posting the question, looks like I can solved it :D I try to connect using sftp command line, and it ask to save the fingerprint, then successfully connected and work flawlessly. $ ...
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How to stop Logitech MX Master 3 mouse from disconnecting from Bluetooth?

Until it's fixed, I found some methods to wake it up again. Sometimes only some of them work, but anyway here they are by order of comfort and speed (if any of them works, there's no need to proceed ...
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Can the telnet or netcat clients communicate over SSL?

For completeness, there is (or was?) a thing called TelnetS, a "secured Telnet via TLS/SSL". Debian still provides the telnetd server component in package telnet-ssl. Per the linked resource ...
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