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Windows command line window scroll limit

Windows terminal might not, but if you set scroll back to MAXINT lines, you get (2**31)-1 lines in putty. The best way is to fill it with '9's, it will default down to MAXINT, then save it in the ...
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Bulk open multi tab using Google Chrome Console

More elegant code. Open Developer console by hitting F12 on your keyboard, and then enter the following code: var str = ` `; var ...
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How does ls know how to output its results?

For a less technical explanation, observe what happens when you try these two commands: $ ls web.config MyApp.runtimeconfig.json $ ls | cat web.config MyApp.runtimeconfig.json ...
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How does ls know how to output its results?

It calls the isatty() libc function on its stdout file descriptor to determine whether the output goes to a terminal or not. Internally, isatty() attempts to use one of the ioctl() calls that are ...
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