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game controller dongle plugged in to the PC and continue using my PC with it?

Dongles are made to be plugged-in and left in place as long as required. It's actually the opposite : Unplugging and re-plugging a dongle too many times, and perhaps with too much force, is dangerous ...
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How to assess the actual power (and whether mapped 1:1 to physical host CPU) of virtualized VM CPUs?

I am not sure you can do this reliably with only access to the VM guest (Just like we can't prove we are living in a simulation). One way to get a good part of the way there might be to spin up ...
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Using Isopropyl alcohol to clean SSD, CPU/GPU sockets

Wind is your best friend. Get some airflow to the component before, while and after the application of IPA. Even better if you can get compressed air easily. In simple cases, even a table fan would ...
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BIOS error temps: Sometimes jumps 30 degrees with no explanation

Most likely is an issue with the correct reporting of temperature, rather than that the temperature actually changed. The reasoning behind that is: Temperature does not change instantly (unless ...
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