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The Cr-48 is an unbranded netbook device developed and distributed by Google to test the viability of the Chrome Operating System.

Google announced the pilot program on December 7, 2010, offering people interested in testing the netbook a number of different ways to sign up (e.g., a special page on YouTube, a page in Facebook, etc.).

It is a 12.1 inch netbook, unbranded, covered in a black, rubberized material. In addition to wifi, it also offers a free monthly allotment of 100 MB from Verizon Wireless. They offer full-sized keyboard, a customized trackpad, and up to eight hours of battery life, eight days of standby time, and boot up nearly instantly. They're also locked into ChromeOS, although there is a "jailbreak" switch, and some enterprising people have gotten it to boot other OSes.

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