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How do I make cron run a Java GUI application?

For the sake of completeness and the Question from @nanoman in the comments, you can easily link the cron to a .sh file which starts you java application e.g. like this: @reboot sleep 15; env DISPLAY=:...
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Use cron to screen capture on Mac OS X

If you don't want to make your user account have sudo privileges (because you worry about security), you can use applescript to solve this. In my case I am using screencapture indirectly as part of ...
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Run a cron job on the first Monday of every month?

The day of month field here is */100,1-7, meaning “every 100 days starting from date 1, and also on dates 1-7”. Since there are no months with 100+ days, this again is a trick to say “on dates 1 to 7” ...

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