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How to tell Excel to change right encoding in opened file?

If Excel or any other Office application opens a file with the wrong encoding, this usually means that the file lacks Byte order mark (BOM). The BOM is a header of a few bytes that specified whether ...
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Excel drops off values after saving the file

Reformat the Numbers as General or Text If you reformat all the affected numbers as General prior to resaving to CSV, Excel will save the underlying decimal number, without any rounding, or clipping. ...
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Powershell script GPO USER LOGON not working WINDOWS SERVER 2019

Is the GP a user or computer policy? If computer, write access to the \app-server\mac\ might be an issue for the system account. Try adding start-transcript c:\temp\log.txt at the start of the script,...
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Need to Split 5M Lines Text File into separate CSV files

As the limit suggests loading the data in LO/Excel, you can also use GS-Calc (a spreadsheet with 12 million rows). You can define the splitting limit and save both split xlsx and text files.
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Read CSV using pandas with values enclosed with double quotes and values have comma in column

What you need is the argument quotechar='"' which helps ignore delimiters within the qutoes. file1 = pd.read_csv('sample.txt',sep=',\s+', quotechar='"')
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