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Restore AppData overwritten files

You're out of luck, you went too far, sorry. Based on the information you have given you've likely irrevocably lost the data you want. IF there is significant monetary value you should take your ...
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how to view hidden files on an NTFS drive that were copied from a Mac?

Data recovery software It detects the folders but it's taking forever to "recover" given that these files haven't been deleted in the first place. As far as data recovery software is ...
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Messed with Regedit trying to recover PC! What settings changes affect my PC negatively?

The Registry is (a) a very technical tool and (b) very unforgiving. If you cannot back out your changes exactly, then truly the best thing you can do is to back up all your documents and email to an ...
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I accidentally ran `rm -rf /*` on my wsl, what should i do

I can only offer condolences and hope you have a backup of important files. Because, by default, WSL mounts your Windows drives in each WSL distribution (/mnt/c, etc.), a recursive rm from the root ...
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Force-reboot a windows machine that can't be restarted normally

Before you try to recover data, make a disk image as best you can, without booting from that drive. Each time it reboots, the machine inevitably writes more to the SSD, causing additional damage. ...
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How do I recover lost/inaccessible data from my storage device?

Original question, Hard disk failed, no backup - how to proceed with data recovery? Intro I'll address specific question and some tools (as these are commonly recommended tools) and go somewhat '...
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Hard disk failed, no backup - how to proceed with data recovery?

Intro I'll address specific question and tools tried (as these are commonly recommended tools) and go somewhat 'broader' so the answer may apply to other data loss scenarios too. DIY or go to a pro? ...
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Data recovery from a crashed hard disk

So I'm thinking a bootable pendrive based recovery software HDDSuperClone is your best option for bad drives, it rivals some pro hardware solutions. See: Source: https://...
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Getting information off an old HD

I brought a SABRENT USB to SATA/2.5 IDE/3.5 IDE adapter. It is just a base with three connectors and a MOLEX power plug for IDE power (The SATA connector includes power). It has an external power ...
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All NTFS volumes on drive turning inaccessible at the same time

Problem is chkdsk ran and 'repaired' the file system to a 'consistent state'. However to achieve this it sacrificed the directory structure etc. and moved all files to found.000 folders. NEVER run ...
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How to recover accidentily deleted LUKS partition table?

What I ended up doing was to manually mount the drive and then copy all files to another disk. 1. Find the LUKS header sudo hexdump -C /dev/sda | grep LUKS outputs this: 00100000 4c 55 4b 53 ba be ...
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Folders visible on flash drive, but no files

but all the files (photo's, documents, .rar's, everything) is not visible (or gone...) The folders show no contents, and the properties also show 0 bytes. This goes under my definition of "data ...
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External hard disk showing unknown, not initialised in Disk Management

This has all signs of a non-software fixable issue. So you can stop fiddling with software as it potentially only makes things worse. As a rule of thumb, the minute a (physical) drive stops correctly ...
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How do I recover lost/inaccessible data from my storage device?

In case you want to recover one or few text files with partially known content If the file you want to recover is a plain text file (as Linux understands it, i.e. UTF-8) and the filesystem where the ...
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Saving the data

There are a few easy ways to access the data, if it is not locked by Bitlocker or otherwise encrypted. If encrypted, you might not be able to access data easily... or at all. Easiest, if the PC can ...
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How to recover inode info on Ext4 after fsck?

fsck.ext4 doesn't try to delete "useless" inodes. In fact, it won't delete inodes without asking for permission, first. There are some cases where if part of the inode, such as the ...
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How to get data from printer hard drive toshiba e studio 3540c

The problem the printer file system is if the drive is encrypted and therefore you won't be able to access the data at all. It's password protected and without the password you won't get ANY data ...
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Testdisk application does not list all the internal hard drives in MacOS Monterey

The requirements to run Testdisk on MacOS are outlined in the Testdisk manual: 6.6 Running TestDisk, PhotoRec under macOS If you are not root, TestDisk (i.e. testdisk-7.1/testdisk) or PhotoRec will ...
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