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Why does the screen display dead pixels at 144 Hz, but not at 60 Hz?

A contact field issue. Avoid using 144 Hz and plan to replace the display panel. What you show are essentially not dead pixels. Dead pixels are individual pixels, not the entire line. What you see is ...
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What are these LCD defects if not dead pixels?

You probably have a leak or fracture in the liquid crystal layer of your monitor causing it to loose fine control of the light blocking ability of the liquid crystals. Your display has many layers. ...
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Removing dead thunderflies stuck inside an LCD monitor

I had a bug directly in the middle of my monitor and I removed him by disassembling the monitor. So there are four layers in your monitor: backlight diffuser LCD front facing outermost protective ...
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What is the cause of these "dead" pixels which are visible even when the screen is off?

A liquid crystal display is made of several layers; one of these is the liquid crystal itself. If the interface breaks, then the Liquid crystal will start to leak out. How does the interface break? ...
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Why does the dead pixel on my monitor keep reviving and dying?

These "Black&White" pictures contain black and white pixels in a checkerboard pattern. "White&Black" pictures are similar, only with swapped colors. When you view them ...
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Is this a dead pixel on my new screen?

This is dust between LCD screen and backlight plane. The grid pattern shown in the picture actually shows the pixels, so the dark spot is much larger than a pixel. Also, pixels are squared, not round....
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Picking up a used MSI All in One - what quick tests can be run on it?

This is quite a broard question, as there are many tests you could run. The first thing I would do though is to run CPUz (or an equivalent). This allows you to do a couple of things - the first ...
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Dead or stuck pixel? Weird pixel behavior

The Pixel is a hardware fault with some kind of stuck (not dead) pixel features. There are not as many quirks to your problem as you think. Several of the observations you've listed could be ...
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How could I safely fix my walking "dead pixel" bug?

This thunder bug issue happened to me 2 times. The 1st time I was stupid enough to squash the bug inside the monitor ended up sending the monitor for repair. It was an expensive lesson. The 2nd time, ...
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Is this a dead pixel on LED panel?

Thanks for posting those images. They are well done and clear. Whether this is a dead pixel or some obstruction under the glass, besides some basic physical manipulation, it is unlikely you can fix ...
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I found two black spot on my MacBook Air screen. Is that a defective pixel?

A certain number of dead pixels are expected , and the number of pixels is likely specified by the manufacturer, though that info is not widely published. That said, the two images look like groups of ...
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Can spots of inactive black pixels transmit to the other part of the screen?

According to your description, and especially the fact that touching these round spots causes them to enlarge, the inescapable conclusion is that these are not dead pixels. In any case, dead pixels do ...
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Is screen replacement the only solution?

That looks like the layers of the LCD are separating, so yes a replacement is the only option. You may have some luck with opening up the monitor casing and pressing the layers back together but it's ...
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