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VirtualBox Ubuntu screen not achieving 1920x1080 while window achieves 1920x1080

Had the same issue. Try to enable 3D acceleration. That fixed my issue.
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Black Screen of Limbo is here again, in it's full glory

Sorry for answering too late, but the problem was in the SATA port - SATA cable connector of one of HDDs was not thick enough and when the HDD temp monitoring app loaded at startup the whole Windows ...
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Make desktop icon box opaque on Windows 7

Use Windows Personalization settings (right click on Windows 7 desktop). Choose a neutral theme (blue) to start. Then in the Personalization windows, in Windows Color, use Windows Classic. This will ...
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Add computer name to Windows 11 Taskbar

Same here, my workaround needs to hover over. Created a shortcut to timeout.exe, modified icon to "Person", caption to user@machine and pinned it to the taskbar.

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