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Is it possible to sign a file using an ssh key?

I stumpled upon this old post looking for the same thing. As it turns out, ssh-keygen from the OpenSSH tools is nowadays directly capable of generating and validating signatures using existing SSH ...
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How to verify a digital signature on a PDF on Linux?

I spent few hours experimenting with that and found that: pdfsig command from poppler-utils package is able to validate PDF signature. Usage is simple: pdfsig signed.pdf But for me it works only for ...
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How to sign a pdf in Okular or other FOSS program?

Okular (and Poppler) will support digital signatures in PDFs in its official release starting April 2021. Details are found in a post by TU Dresden, who has sponsored the implementation of this ...
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How to sign a pdf in Okular or other FOSS program?

How do I sign a PDF in Okular? To my knowledge, currently none of Okular's backends support electronic signatures, although that feature has been requested a number of times. As an alternative, a ...
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Windows Explorer file property does NOT show digital signature info for some system file, why?

As this article (linked by JosefZ) says, the Digital Signatures tab only appears if the signature is in the file itself. It's also possible for the signature to be stored in a catalog file, which can ...
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How do I sign a file using SSH and verify it using a certificate authority?

You must specify the certificate when creating the signature, so that it will be embedded in the signature's public_key field instead of the plain pubkey. (When signing, ssh-keygen will automatically ...
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5 votes

Can you use an SSL certificate provided by to digitally sign pdfs?

Technically, you can sign anything with the private key of a public-private key pair. What forms of public-private key pairs a given software package will accept as a valid key for signing, and for ...
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How to verify digital signature for a Visual C++ Redistributable installation

There are two ways I can think of: Your installer must extract the Visual C++ Redistributable packages somewhere prior to installation. Usually it's put somewhere under %temp%. You can either clean ...
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Embed a GPG Signature in a PDF File

Partial answer: The process of how X.509 signing works is described by Adobe in detail: A signature is just an additional object in the PDF file, which contains, among other element, the byte range ...
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Programmatically getting an executable's Certificate Details

In Powershell: Get-AuthenticodeSignature C:\Path\TO\File.exe So, using your example of explorer.exe this would get Redmond: (Get-AuthenticodeSignature C:\Windows\explorer.exe).SignerCertificate....
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How to use PIV smartcards (YubiKey 4) to sign application binaries?

The YubiKey tools do not enforce any kind of restrictions or limitations on the keys or certificates in particular slots. Some third-party tools do. The largest difference between the various ...
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4 votes

Signtool can't do SHA256 signing on Windows 7

I finally found a solution for double-signing files in Windows 7. The trick is to use the Window 8 SDK (not 8.1 or 10)! I used this download:
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What determines the clearsign hash algorithm used by GnuPG?

I wish to know, how to generate output with specific "Hash:" values ? say, SHA1 ? To answer your question, use the --digest-algo SHA1 option. As an example, here is a detached signature ...
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How to verify an email signature from Facebook?

The facebook.asc provided by Facebook actually holds two subkeys, which can be seen by executing gpg --show-key --with-colons facebook.asc pub:-:4096:1:2F3898CEDEE958CF:1431903600:1581038771::-: uid:::...
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Is necessary digitally sign a document more than once?

It depends what kind of "signature" is needed. If all you need is to "seal" the document then only one signature is required. The cryptographic signature will allow people to validate that the ...
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How can I extract many P7M (pkcs#7) signed files?

I got the answer using openssl: openssl.exe smime -verify -in file.P7M -noverify -inform DEM -out test.txt
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How to sign a pdf in Okular or other FOSS program?

Okular is limited by it's backend poppler. Within the last few months poppler has slowly been adding support for the nss backend. However, until ...
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Git can't invoke gpg-agent to sign commits

As a temporary workaround this helped me: killall gpg-agent Found here:
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Digitally sign latex pdf document with CA

There is an answer to this question on askubuntu: gpg --clearsign --output=signed.pdf input.pdf The user can check ...
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Embed a GPG Signature in a PDF File

don't think that it is possible ...because it circumvents the general idea of document signing & verification. see the GPG Manual - the signature is kept separately, simply because embedding it ...
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3 votes

Inspecting digital signature in PDF file

In case you are looking for a solution using FOSS and / or Linux / Mac, in theory there is a tool called pdfsig which comes with more recent versions of the Poppler library. This is the underlying PDF ...
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How to verify a digital signature on a PDF on Linux?

In KDE you can use Okular which behaves similarly as Adobe Acrobat Reader on windows. Alternatively you can in terminal shell use python's module pyhanko whose command returns something if document is ...
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Digitally signed driver not verified by Windows (Code 52)

This is a typical error you get if vendors are still only cross-signing their drivers. Note: Please provide your exact Windows Version next time! However, I'm assuming that your Windows 10 version ...
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Can multiple signed PDF files be merged into one?

When you sign a PDF with existing signatures, you are also signing those signatures as part of the document contents. Copying the signatures to another document will indeed invalidate them. This is to ...
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GPG - verifying signatures without creating trust chain?

If you're OK with shipping a keyring, rather than a public key file, you probably want to use gpgv rather than gpg: gpgv --keyring key.ring somefile.txt
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Signtool can't do SHA256 signing on Windows 7

The issue is actually way simpler. The problem is with the time stamp server. Instead of using signtool.exe with this /t You need to use it like this for SHA1 /tr ...
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2 votes

How do I allow cross-signed kernel drivers in Windows 10 version 1607 with secure boot enabled?

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CI\Policy] "UpgradedSystem"=dword:00000001 https://forums....
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self signing of powershell script

That was tricky to find out - but in the end a very easy solution The documentation of Get-ChildItem -CodeSigning says: -CodeSigningCert Gets only those certificates with code-signing ...
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