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Is Using System Disk Images Still Feasible As a Form of Restoring a Computer?

I disagree with your premises. For one instance, TPMs store keys separately from the OS so the TPM state would become disjointed from the disk image. The TPM state cannot become disjointed from the ...
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Macrium not showing an external drive when I look to restore an image

In the end I succeeded completing a similar operation on my system. I think the restore location is offered in a different window from where you were looking here: Here is what Macrium shows for the ...
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Calculating MFT for NTFS based Dynamic vhd

In Dynamic I have the Block Allocation table values. The first entry I have used to calculate the disk MBR which then points me to first partition of disk. Here I am able to calculate MBS offset. But ...
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taking an image of two partitions without unallocated space

You can do that using some other Disk Image utility. One examples is Macrium Reflect Free, which doesn't include the Unallocated space into the Image (and you can also select any partition of the disk ...
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