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two SSD disk computer, how to use it effectively?

I personally put my Windows installation on a smaller disk, but it's all about preferences. As for where the "workspace" should be located it depends, I have the main code in /home/ copy on ...
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What is taking up this space on my SSD that was once used as a system disk and how to reclaim it?

Found the culprit. I had done "Create a system image" using Windows 10 Pro. Created a system image of the C: Drive onto this D: drive. I copied that image to my external drive and deleted ...
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WIndows 10: FIle Explorer disk C:\ usage and actual content size don't match

Funny thing: why the hell hibernate file is about 32GB (my RAM is 32GB by the way) while it's actually about 14GB based on any software incl. third-party? It looks like your hibernate file is a so-...
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