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Utilities for finding x/y screen coordinates

you can use this from the pyautogui docs: #! python3 import pyautogui, sys print('Press Ctrl-C to quit.') try: while True: x, y = pyautogui.position() positionStr = 'X: ' + str(x)....
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Can't remove phantom display "None-1-1"

ArchWiki describes how to disable a phantom monitor for Xorg. Modify the Xorg configuration (e.g. using a drop-in configuration file at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-monitor.conf) like so: Section "...
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What happens if I pierce a TFT monitor?

In my case; monitor still works! I captured closer using my USB Camera]1
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Cannot change brightness of in-built laptop screen [Windows 11]

All right, appear to have found the issue. This is a brand new laptop, so I am still in the process of setting it up (installing new applications, uninstalling bloatware, stopping services, and so on)....
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How to achieve 'split screen' capabilities (for gaming) on Linux

Here's an example repository for a script that was meant to behave like universal split screen or Nucleus. It uses tools like firejail (for handling inputs for each instance) and nested weston ...
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What impact do higher refresh-rate screens have on the laptop itself?

Yes, theoretically it consumes more power but not proportionally, i.e., it won't consume the double just because it has double the refresh rate. That said, the aforementioned consideration is only ...
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How can a touchscreen monitor transfer touch signal to the computer?

If the HDMI port does not transfer data to the computer please explain how the Amazon Fire Stick works. The only port it has is an HDMI.
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Single Monitor act exactly like dual monitor?

Now windows have native support & this github project does it neat. Using Deskreen this second screen can easily to viewed in any another nearby laptop
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Automatically (on login) allow projecting to a computer via windows wireless display

after doing a lot of research, i found out that if your network is Private, the cast app opens automatically;. Also I found out that in a very old version of windows 10 (version 1607). Things happen ...
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MacBook Pro running external monitor shows green sparkles

This is down to poor shielding somewhere on the connection. In my case, it was an actual split in the wire casing, through the wire shieldig, allowing interference. It could easily just be down to ...
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Possible to connect an Apple Thunderbolt Display to a Thunderbolt 3 dock via an adapter?

Do you get to keep the apple Thunderbolt display functions? like brightness control and volume control with the anker dock?
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