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mDNS Discovery with Panasonic TV

Most TVs won't be discoverable via mDNS/DNS-SD, as there are no "standard" media-related services that a TV would offer that way – all of the typical home media stuff instead uses UPnP-based ...
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What is the maximum length of a domain name?

It depends on the context. Your RFCs list different limits because they talk about different things – the SMTP limit of 255 is specifically for the domain-part of local@domain email addresses and has ...
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ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome for specific domain (and but localhost works, other browsers work for all of it

I needed to add a new binding of ssl in the iis website binding. Bad product of Microsoft. Why do I have to struggle with guessing how to fix it instead of getting a specific error message?
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Wix does not allow to add NS records

NS is a Name server. A NameServer means that if a DNS request is made, one of the name servers is queried for the correct DNS. You do not want to change the NameServers, especially not if one points ...
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What is the difference/precedence of resolved.conf and a .network configuration?

The link settings (second bullet) seem to take over per the resolved.conf documentation: Without the Domains=~. option in resolved.conf(5), systemd-resolved might use the per-link DNS servers, if any ...
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Why does Firefox refuse to load sites if there is an entry in the ‘/etc/hosts’ file in macOS 14.4.1 (Sonoma)?

Take a look a your Firefox configuration (about:config) and search for network.trr.exclude-etc-hosts and make sure it is set to true. If true we parse the /etc/hosts file and exclude any host names ...
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If both RA and DHCPv6 provide DNS servers, which one would devices use?

As far as I know Windows, MacOS and Linux ignore the RA completely and solely rely on the DHCP information to configure their own IP interfaces. Including DNS. (Some routing software run as an add-on ...
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Why does dnsmasq return different first answers

I've been looking for an answer for this, but haven't found an official explanation or documentation why the first reply is different. From what I've tested, it seems that the first answer from ...
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Set wsl2 to use host nameserver

For those who are looking an answer, though mirror networking is an option, since Windows 11 22H2 there is also the option to add in the .wslconfig file the following, specifically for DNS requests [...
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