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/sys/firmware/efi/efivars mount point does not exist on artix (QEMU on arch) EFI variables are not supported on this system

You have to enable UEFI on QEMU, if you are using virtmanager (like me) it's very easy to do. Navigate through Edit>Preferences then click on New VM and set x86 firmware to UEFI and if you did so ...
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How to boot Windows DVD without UEFI

As far as i know: If Eprom/Firmware is BIOS: you can install win 7 with mbr table and win 10 with mbr (in fact BIOS could boot gpt disks, but microsoft has made it difficult) If Eprom/Firmware is efi+...
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Windows 11 not booting after fresh installation

It sounds like a compatibility issue between your hardware and the UEFI installation of Windows 11. ACPI.sys is a system file that takes care of power management and other hardware-related functions; ...
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Cannot delete ubuntu directory from EFI partition

Solved by typing rmdir F:\EFI\ubuntu, instead of rmdir /S ubuntu
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