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How do I complete file paths in emacs?

It is also possible to do this using the company autocompletion if the company-files are in the list of company-backends (default in my installation) or explicitly by calling company-files.
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how to use pre-defined variables or constants in (custom-theme-set-faces) in emacs

TLDR: use a backquote and a comma instead of a quote. The problem concerns the elisp '(exp) quote syntax: it tells the interpreter not to evaluate the following expression, but to treat it as a ...
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Is there any way to convert camel-cased names to use underscores in emacs?

I was able to do this across a whole file quickly with just a query replace regexp. The search pattern is \([a-z]+\)\([A-Z]\)\([a-z]+\) and the replacement is \1_\,(downcase \2)\3. The replacement ...
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Emacs config lisp code that changes electric-indent-mode before and after pasting from clipboard

This should only happen in a text-terminal, (where "pasting" ends up simply sending the text char by char to Emacs as if you had typed those characters). Since Emacs-25, this should not be an issue ...
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How to make emacsclient uses differnt themes in terminal and X window?

As mentioned at "If you want different color schemes for different displays, you can customize this as well. In the customize buffer, click the [...
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