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Booting/shutting down a Linux mini-PC via USB or Ethernet

It sounds like you want a BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) to remotely power the device. A BMC is a piece of hardware and as I am unfamiliar with T8 Ace Magician mini-PC, I am unsure if you will ...
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How to make sense of Ethernet adapter naming in Windows?

Do I have to continue guessing with these changing adapter names? You can get the mapping by running: ipconfig /all which displays full configuration information. See: ipconfig - IP configuration ...
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Change network adapter properties without admin rights

A standard user cannot do such actions on the network adapter. If adding the user into the Administrators group is not possible, it would perhaps be enough to just add him into the Network ...
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Windows 7 DSCP and 802.1p QoS Mapping?

In 802.1P, the PRI value of a packet determines its priority. In this mode, the switch requires packets with a VLAN tag, regardless of their IP header. The ToS field in each packet's IP header is ...
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xPUD doesn't recognize Wi-Fi adapter

If you go to and download "extra drivers". You can chuck that onto your boot stick, and do an offline opt install from the settings.
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Can I connect one router to another router wirelessly to be able to use the ethernet ports on the second router?

If, by router, you mean the standaard set-up that SOHO NAT routers have, then, no, it will not work. These routers use the WiFi as access point not as client. You may look at openwrt, an alternative ...
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What is the effect of using lower Cat# cables in a higher Cat# keystone jacks, when the versions are NOT backwards-compatable?

For most home purposes, you can treat cat 5, 6 and 7 as compatible, at least experimentally, if you're using Rj45 connectors throughout. Cat 8 is restricted to short runs, 30 m or less, and is for ...
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Broadcasting LAN wirelessly?

Is there a way I can connect some device to the switch using ethernet cable, so that it broadcasts that local network over WiFi? Yes, and that is literally what Wi-Fi does most of the time. The ...
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Send Data Across NICs Using socat

I'm not sure why socat wasn't working in this situation, but I did find a solution using network namespaces, based on this solution. For my unidirectional use-case: # Create a sender namespace sudo ip ...
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Unable to set MTU size on windows network adapter

Answer: Disabling the option "QoS (IEEE 802.1q) Offloading" in the adapter properties allows me to set the MTU to 1500. I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour, or if disabling the option ...
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The locking clip/tab on my Ethernet cable's plug is broken. How can I fix it?

You can 3D print some RJ-45 clips that attach onto the existing connector, adding a new tab that you can use. This is almost the same as the ones you can buy online, but you can make them yourself if ...
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Can I still use the Ethernet ports on an ISP's modem after setting it to bridge mode?

I'd suggest that any 'sensible' ISP router would remove all functionality except for one through port to your self-managed router. Anything else would just be asking for trouble from inexperienced ...
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Can I still use the Ethernet ports on an ISP's modem after setting it to bridge mode?

So my question is, if I set the Huawei router to bridge mode instead of router mode, would it act as a switch It already acts as a switch for the LAN ports; bridge mode would just add the WAN port to ...
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Send Data Across NICs Using socat

The command looks well; when doing tcpdump/wireshark on enp88s0 you might check the MAC addresses, just to be sure the packet uses the wire. Try the receiver without the bind (thus only with so-...
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