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In Outlook profile how to change check name server

That is coming from autodiscover and it is getting populated with the CASArray name that corresponds to the mailbox. The external name should get populated in another spot that has to do with the ...
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How to disable “External Email” warning in Outlook?

This is added by your company email administrator and is most likely part of company IT policy which we cannot help you circumvent. You would probably be in breach of company policy if you did try ...
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Outlook recall email causes exchange email loop

Does this happen to one specific user? After moving account to a new DB, when user recall email again, will issue still occur? This could also be caused by some client-side aspects. Please try ...
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Is it possible to duplicate all calendar appointments to a central calendar?

Out of the box its not possible to copy over appointments into another calendar. This is also not so easy as if you copy an element you might break stuff like (who is the owner, what is happing if the ...
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How can I export all mailbox PST's without server access?

You can achieve the desired result by using the Export Outlook Items to PST File utility. Professional Edition of the product provides the "Mailbox" command line parameter you can use to export all ...
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Exchange 2013 - Archive mailbox empty/not updating

Once the user has archive enabled, and assigned to the archiveDatabase, you need to make sure it's configured for MRM as you've stated. The archiving is then processed by the Managed Folder Assistant ...
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How to make sure that selected users can only use a shared mailbox in Office 365 (and do not have their own mailboxes)?

To be clear there is a distinction between "Shared Mailbox" and a "User Mailbox". Both can have different users granted access. A user can not access a "Shared Mailbox" without a primary account to ...
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What causes the OWA 2013 login loop?

Old thread, but I had exactly the same issue and the problem was certificates. I was using an ad-enrolled web server certificate from an internal ca. As it turns out I had to use a Windows Server ...
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What causes the OWA 2013 login loop?

I've been digging through this for serveral hours. It was for a certificate. Uninstall your current certificate (Get-ExchangeCertificate/Remove-ExchangeCertificate) and resetiis.
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