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Booting into an OS then copying that OS to the computer

Certainly, that is one standard way to install an operating system (OS). However, it depends on what OS you want to install. Linux is trivial to run from USB and then to install, and it can be done ...
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Linux backup of USB drive using rsync hangs

I resolved my problem (dated 2020) a while back, kept checking to see if there were any other postings related to this and did not find anything specific. So ... I wrote up an "ARTICLE" ...
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Transform my Samsung M3 External HDD to Internal?

You can connect it via a USB cable internally,
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What are my options for installing Windows (10/11) on an external m.2 ssd, to later be used on an internal one, and is using windows to go okay?

I have been given the SSD and have been tasked with preparing it so it's ready to go asap (we are building the computer on his birthday) This may work, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble – e....
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Trying to diagnose external hard drive malfunction

If Windows confirms it's safe to disconnect, nothing is wrong with the drive; ignore the light on it. However, Windows "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" is sometimes flaky and does ...
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