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Replace linked shortcuts with actual paths to files and folders in Windows

Don't use an LNK file. These mostly exist because when they were invented (199x), the file system didn't support symbolic links. LNK files were sort of a workaround to make explorer.exe bada$$ on a ...
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Unable to delete hidden files starting with "._", containing special characters

Use the MacOS Finder ctrl-select (right click) -> Get Info on the file You should then be able to edit the file name in the "Name & Extension" field. I've just tested this with ...
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What is this large system volume information file?

Is there any way to figure out what this file actually is? The System Volume Information folder contains (amongst other things): Disk snapshots made by Volume Shadow Copy, which can be used to ...
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How to open internal storage from a iPhone using Windows 10

Plug in your phone. Windows should ask you what you want to do (notification). Choose the bottom (IIRC) option and Explorer will show the phone. Double click on the icon and drill down until the DCIM ...
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