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How to overcome problems with a password requiring at transfering a file from a Linux Centos 7 to a Linux Synology?

This is probably a permissions issue on the Synology. (The ssh tool is rightly paranoid about a third party being able to subvert the key-based authentication process.) Taking suggestions from How do ...
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Transfer files from windows 10 computer to Linux server in the same machine?

Two options (I use both and both methods work): (1) From Linux to Windows: Windows has SMB so in Linux: smb://192.168.x.y/folder (check IP of Windows machine) This is easiest and works best. Once the ...
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Problems transferring photos and videos from iPhone to PC

I've had this happen before when one of the files on my iphone was corrupt. Try this. When the file explorer opens, change the view from "icons" to "details". That should stop ...
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