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Transferring files from a Wacom tablet to a Windows PC through Bluetooth

So I found somewhat of a solution and I'm gonna post it here for the sake of anyone who is going through my same problem. A friend of mine found this github repo that could fix this. It's
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Save imap email without active account

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is how an email client connects to and read your email on a mail server. It is the email client that stores all, some, or none of your email on ...
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What's an easy (drag-and-drop), cross-platform way to transfer files on a LAN?

I know this is an old question, but nowadays, you can use the open-source tool LocalSend. It can send files and folders through the LAN between Windows, Mac, Linux, and also Android and iPhone.
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How can I access a block device file as a regular file with defined size in Linux?

bindfs implements a FUSE-based pass-through "filesystem" (mirroring an existing location's contents much like the in-kernel mount --bind does) and has the option --block-devices-as-files to ...
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